Vignaioli Tuscolani

Deep Roots

Vitus Vignaioli Tuscolani is steeped in History and its roots delve into a territory that is the cradle of the Bel Vivere and excellent drinking! More than 40 families have been producing grapes in the earth of Frascati, Rome, Monte Porzio Catone, Grottaferrata and Montecompatri for over a century.


Vineyards illuminated by the City of Rome, cultivated in a project with emphasis on quality, give life to wines of excellence from the slopes of the Lazio Volcano. In every drop of Vitus wines the lymph of Legends, Heroes, Popes, Artists, Peasants, and our Civilisation flows.

        Drinking men improve: they do good business, they win causes, they are happy and support

friends.                Aristophanes (450 B.C. - 388 B.C.)


In the area that, metaphorically, extends from the Roman Theatre of Tusculum to St. Nilus’ Abbey, to fall right into the shadow of the Coliseum, the work of our farmers and the best winemaking methods are the fabric of VITUS WINES : reaching beyond the present by unifying past experience with new energy.

Our project aims at giving value and a New Lease of Life to a precious heritage, improving the sustainability in both an environmental and social context, in the hope of creating a better future for all.

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Agriturismo Gallo Regillo

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Azienda Agricola Sbardella

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Office: +39 379 1172680

Tusculum Soc. Coop a r. l.

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